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  A choice of remarkable visitors
  and their supposed target sites 
  is available further down => =>

  While the below statistics of September 2004 
  comprise a complete server listing, the data 
  of 2007 are merely based on an extract of the 
  Mai and September server listing. Thus, it is 
  possible to protect the privacy of thousands 
  of visitors to BLUEPRINT magazine who are not
  considered as "remarkable visitors" like the
  U.S. State Department or who are fitting the
  scheme of "the average visitor". At the same 
  time, the use of PDF-files, based on screen 
  captured pictures of the original data files 
  delivered by my provider, makes it easier to 
  publish more recent statistics within a short 
  period of time. Thus, a low resolution of the 
  screen captured pictures is the price to be 
  paid for BLUEPRINT statistics "on time".

         Dr. Wolfgang Wiesner, 
     editor of BLUEPRINT magazine

BLUEPRINT magazine has been visited by:	U.S. State Department (total of 
		184 visits between February and 
		September 2007 => including 50 
		in February and 32 in April/May)
		BLUEPRINT article 1 (March/April)	U.S. Department of Energy (total of 26
	visits, detected in March/April 2007)
	BLUEPRINT article 2 (started in February)	U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (in 
	charge of veteran's medical care; total 
	of 35 visits including 28 in March 2007)	Central Intelligence Agency CIA 
		(9 visits registered)		Department of Homeland Security
		(occasional but regular visits)

another 16 U.S. government domains have been
detected between February and October 2007,
including ;
several domains of U.S. federal states and
communities have been detected separately		U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency	U.S. Department of Defense (52 
		visits from April to July 2007)
another three domains of Pentagon related service 
providers have been detected in 2007	U.S. Central Command (36 visits 
		from February to September 2007)

different domain servers of the U.S. armed forces, 
i.e. air force, navy, army, marine corps and coast-
guard (overall rate of a few thousand visits from
February to October 2007 registered)	Iraqi Ministry of Defence - 
		International Zone Baghdad
		(46 visits in September 2007)	Czechoslovakian Ministry of Defence
	(10 visits in September 2007)	The Government Chancellery
		of Sweden (12 visits)

another 8 foreign government domains have been
detected including the German domain	Iranian domain (30 visits in July 2007)	Syrian Telecom (227 visits 
		from February to October 2007)
another two Syrian domains have been detected

about 1000 visits by three Pakistani domains
have been observed from March to October 2007	People's Republic of China (19 visits)
note: due to administrative restrictions and 
control, direct visits from PR China are very 
rare; other Chinese speaking visitors however 
use servers in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore	Cuba (26 visits in June 2007)
note: direct visits from Cuba are more rare than 
visits from Brunei, the emirate in North Borneo
to close that list of remarkable visitors, one 
business domain for all:	Gazprom, Moskow

... and one university for all:	Harvard University (44 visits 
		from August to October 2007)
note: further visits by Harvard members might be
using other domains of the Boston area that have 
also been detected; complete evaluation of univer-
sity domains is time-consuming and not finished